November 28, 2007

URGENT COMUNICATION OF: PresidentAnti-defamation Sikh Council for Freedom of Khalistan to SIKH DHARMA BHAIBANDHI

Dear Bhai Ji  S.Harbhajan Singh

Wahe Guru Ji Ka KhalsaWahe Guru ji Ke Fateh

It appears internet is working no less than a Genie,bringing together peers and people of same concern justwith the press of a button and one day may be with a mereverbal command.Thanks for the second email and the attachment.I must tell you that because of ongoing professionaland Panthic projects my responses are rather short and brief.But the crossroads Khalsa Panth is at the moment, we mustunderstand our disposition and responsibility to take actionswhen things are not going right.Sikh relgion is great religion not because we believe so butbecause of its ecumenical nature and the correct anduniversal principles it teaches. It is its uniqueness whichhas become the envy of others and there are and willbe assaults to neutralize it.First of all, I am very proud of all Sikhs and consider myselfvery lucky to be part of a modern and scientific divine order.I feel specially proud of brothers who have consciously decidedto embrace Sikh religion for their own betterment and consciousness.Sikh religion does not believe in conversion or intrusion intoother peoples faith. Sikhs do not believe in surrendering toan individual or personality. A Sikh bow his head only toGuru Granth where all principles are enshrined to glorify Godand his creation – the human beings and every thing else.Gurus have uttered everything to empower the human mindrather than to enslave it. Khalsa came into existence to assertequality of all mankind and the empowerment of mind.” In Hee Ki Kripa Ke Saje Hum Hain, Nahe To Moh Se Garib Karor Pare”” Sudra se sardar sajaon, Chirion se meh Baaj taraon, Sava laakh se ek laraon,Tabhi Gobind Singh naam Kahaon”- Guru Gobind SinghWhere we must rerspect all are brothers and sisters and not be condescendingand judgemental, we must empathize with the dilemma of our new Sikh brothersand sisters regarding Yoga. Yoga was initially introduced to the west by Paramhansa Yoganandawho very cleverly incorporated Lord Jesus Christ’s name in Yogic meditation to impress andinfluence the westerners who were mostly Christians. That Brahmanical trick paid off very well,and rest is history. That subtle intrusion has gone on to the present day.Patnjali was a great scholar and expressed his views about human consciousnees and Iappreciate his ingenuity but it is just one view.Gurus have presented a rather practical view of life, correct principles and consciousness.” Aap pachaane mun nirmal hoye, Jeevan mukta har pave soye”There is no need to compare. Sikhs are very comfortable with GURU’S word.If a Hindu wants to practice Yoga for merging with God, to practice vibhuti, mind controlas a part of his faith, We have no problem. In Yoga, Lord Ganesha is the master of Mantra.Hindus or any other want to use self hypnosis or Mantra to merge with God, wehave no problem. If Hindu religion advocates cast system and condemnation of thethe downtrodden it is their faith and not ours. And hence every body is entitled to practicetheir faith good or bad according to their wishes and religious doctrine.Gurus path is of Simran, practice of correct principles, hard work, equality, empowering of selfand others and no Ridhi -Sidhis (No miracles or Mind control), no superstitions and stayingaway from Brahmanical practices and not be mislead by personalities. I was born inAmritsar and have historic relations to important places and people in Sikh religionwhere there never was or is any advocacy of practice of Yoga in any shape and form.I have never seen Sikhs practice yoga. Exercise and martial arts-yes.Any faith who does not protect its correct principles and tradition and define its fine boundarieswill become extinct.New assaults on Sikh religion by cults like Nirinkaris, Radha Soamis, Sant Samajaists,Deraites likes of Sacha Sauda & others supported byRSS are yet some overt and covert examplesof subtle yet carefully planned attacks to neutralize and damage Sikh religion.Yoga and recital of mantra OM though just an exercise in appearance is one such intrusive but a subtle tactic.Exploitation of others weakness and vulnerability is not a Cobra or Viper tactic but a Pythonean one.Python is very gentle and flirtatious with its prey and the prey being careless walks the fault line.It is only when prey start to choke, then only realizes that it is all over with, as itcannot get out of those one directional fangs and strangulating coils which has made it into a mortalwhile unwittingly treading the quicksands of the twilight zone.Budh and Jain religions in India are examples of such enigma, treachery and onslaught.But not this time! Gurus principles are too endearing and towering and Sikhs safeguarding themwith heart and soul. Python will be either deterred or crushed.Much propaganda has gone against lost Sikh sovereignty and its reclamation by Indian governmentand its stooges. Sikhs have been labeled and defamed as terrorists and separatists. Why?Remember Sikh sovereignty was given to Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh-The Tenth Nanakin Nanded in 1708 and Sikh established their rule twice following that command. I have encounteredmuch opposition at the hands of some Sikhs including our American Sikh brothers in the Sikh temples.Why such contempt against the word of the Guru? Freedom is our birthright and gift not onlyfrom God but our wonderful and wise Gurus. We must reclaim our lost sovereignty and we shall.I rsepect Christianity, Judiaism and other faiths and their quest to survive.Jews suffered a Holocaust- A darkest chapter in the history of mankind.If Sikhs had the power, this would not have happened. Sikhs being the liberators ofvictims of Nazi Germany would have taken on that tyrant who murdered not only six milions but milions more.Where is the Kevalya or salvation according to one’s faith, perhaps no where.It was not until reclamation of the holy land and the creation of Isreal, the Jews feel secure.Sikhs recognized Israel as a state as early as 1949 and India not untill 1992 and that to under pressure.And now because of lack of our own land we have suffered the Sikh Holocaust from 1984 onwards.It is time to learn from history and be the beneficiary and wise scholars.In conclusion we must safeguard are religion, identity and must reclaim our lost sovereignty, Khalistanso Sikh Nation can feel proud, standing tall and not giving an inch at all.SONG OF THE KHALSA will be most befitting under NISHAN SAHIB flying high in the blue skies, in a sovereignand independent KHALISTAN.

May God Bless the Sikh Nation.Khalistan Zindabad

Wahe Guru Ji Ka KhalsaWahe Guru Ji Ke Fateh

Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat PresidentADSCFK .

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Wahe Guru Ji Ka KhalsaWahe Guru Ji Ke Fateh

My congratulations to you and all associated for carrying the correct word ofthe Guru forward. Sikh religion is new and its sanctity must be preserved.Introduction of other faiths elements like YOGA (Hindu Religion) intoSikh religion is not only wrong but outright malicious. It is againstthe Gurus word who condemned Ridhi Sidhis and other waysto merge with GOD which YOGA advocates.I understand the dilemma of western people who wants to achievepeace of mind and healthy body and have been attracted toSikh religion because of its great ethos and principles. Thatchoice is wonderful; was not and should not be imposedon anybody. But for anybody to mislead them with a doctrine orprinciple which is not part of that religion is either naive or outrightmalicious.Time has come that all Sikhs take a note that we must protect and guard our religion against these intrusions like yoga (Kundalini or others), other such practices or rituals.Radical Hindus are subtly trying to infitrate and damage Sikh religion, please be aware. Otherwise Sikh religion could be extinct like Budhism in India.As far as the optimal mental and physical health following can be easily practiced andperformed besides daily Simran. 1. Breakthrough Scientific Meditation Therapy- Non denominational. (People of any denomination can perform it)See details on or Pain Management .com2. Strengthening and Stretching Exercises3. Alternate walking with jogging or runingAs a Sikh I am sure you will have no problem accompolishing Guru’s true mission inUruguay. Keep up the good work.


Sikh Council for Freedom of Khalistan

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Querido Bhai Harbhajan Singh,
Wahe gurú Ji Ka KhalsaWahe gurú Ji Ke Fateh
Mis felicitaciones para usted y toda su asociación por llevar la palabra correcta del Guru. La religión Sij es nueva y su carácter sagrado debe ser conservado.La introducción de otras fes o elementos como el yoga (de religión hindú) en la Religión Sij es no sólo malo sino también sumamente malicioso. Está en contra de La Palabra de los Gurus que condenaron a Ridhi Sidhis y las otras formas. Para unirse con Dios el yoga no es necesario.Comprendo el dilema de las personas occidentales que quieren lograr cosas, como la paz interior y el cuerpo próspero y han sido atraídos a hacerlo a través Religión Sij debido a sus fenomenales valores y principios. Eso es una elección estupenda; pero no lo fue y no debe ser impuesto sobre alguien. Pero algunos han sido engañados con una doctrina o principio que no es parte de esta religión, es por lo tanto ingenuo o completamente malicioso.Llego el tiempo en que todos los Sijs tendremos un patrimonio que debemos proteger .Proteger nuestra religión contra estas intrusiones como el yoga (Kundalini o otros), otras prácticas o rituales.Los Hindúes radicales están tratando de infitrate y dañar la religión sij hábilmente. Por favor sea consciente. Por lo demás la Religión Sij podría desaparecer de la misma manera que el Budhismo en la India.
Para obtener salud mental y físico óptimo puede ser logrado fácilmente llevando a cabo Simran diario.
1. Meditación Cioentífica Terapéutica – no religiosa. (Las personas de cualquier religión pueden llevarla a cabo)¿usted ve? Los detalles están en .Fortaleciendose con ejercicios de estiramiento. Alterne el camino con el jogging o runing
Como un Sikh soy le aseguro que usted tendrá la Misión Verdadera del Gurú de llevar a cabo su trabajo sin problemas en Uruguay. Haga un buen trabajo.

Presidente del Consejo anti-difamación Sij para la libertad de Khalistan.

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November 7, 2007
Where we live:
Tahim 964, Montevideo, 12900, Uruguay, South America
Tel: (005982) 094597223
“Each human being that their full potential lives being one with God”
“We fight to be one with God understanding Guru’s message Nanak that we find in the Gurbani and taken a lifestyle sikh.”
Who are?
Us, Sikh Dharma Bhaibandi, we are a fraternity that together are attracted by the shared vision of a future that is more fair, human, sustainable, acceptable and reconfortante for all.
We get our mission to follow the following steps:
1) SDB speaks on behalf of the rights and the freedom of the Sikhs around the world of speech Spanish-Portuguese.
2) SDB works to increase the participation of the community sikh in the social, cultural, educational, economic structure, politics and nun of the Spanish American society.
3) SDB works to create more knowledge and to know the faith sikh and its customs among the Spanish Americans.
4) SDB works as ONG it promotes the mutual respect, the justice and the human rights for all.
5) SDB organizes effective services and eficazes for the section more desfavorecida of the society.
6) SDB also search to integrate to the Universal Culture, their perspective of Historical heritance Sikh.
7) SDB promotes and  works in favor of the dialogue, the respect and the knowledge among all the religions.
8- SDB promotes the learning of the Gurbani and its meaning among the sikh and particularly among its youth.
9) SDB is integrated and it inserts of this way like Spiritual Nation Khalsa to the Spanish America multicultural and pragmatically interfaith.

Bhai Ji, Bhai is brother and Ji it is an affectionate term of reference, “brother”
“I more small of all,a small servant of the Divine Cause.
Brother Founder of Sikh Dharma Bhaibandi.
“My biography is irrelevant. The particulars of my past won’t help him so that he understands me better, when what I am sharing with you doesn’t have history. Finally alone the exists now, it is only needed to admit for the understanding that reasons are not needed to be blissful. The happiness is its being’s more pleasant fragrance. Generally this fragrance this hidden one behind the ambitions, the ideas, the desires, and the dreams of to be made somebody and to arrive to some place.The freedom is not the satisfaction of its dreams; it is the awakening of them.” Bhai Ji
He was born in 1963.Su childhood it passed among books, meditation and practical spiritual. Being adolescent integrated the Society Teosófica, the Institute Neo-Pythagorean and diverse branches of the Rosacrucismo.Theologian and philosopher for the Catholic University of the Uruguay, Graduate in psychology for the State University of Londrina and the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Graduate in Psychology of the Religion in the University Free of Bruselas,estudent Sacred Languages in the Ability of Sciences and Letters of the University of the Republic, in the classes of Sanskrit, Hebrew and Latin.
During eight years it resided in east, studying Arabic, Culture and Islamic Jurisprudence in the University Abdel Aziz in Medina, of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia From where it could maintain a strait contact with Sheikh (Teachers Sufis) of diverse schools. It visited countries in spiritual search as Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Líbano,Irán, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Holy Land, interviewing with Jewish authorities, drusos,bahais and ismaelites.
In India he also studied vendanta and Sanskrit in the Adhyatma Prakaya Karalaya of Bangalore with the Shankaracharya of the time, also establishing their first contacts with the ayur-vedas sages and sidhas of the indian south. He was formed as instructor of Yoga in the Rishikesh Institute.He knew and he took sanyassin with Bagwan Rakneesh.It participated in the Maha Kumbha and next to sadhus thousands and sannyasin of all the schools and currents of India.
He lived one year in the holya city of Amristar, in the Punjab India, serving regularly in the Hari Mandir Sahib, studying history and theology sikh during the tragic year of 1984,when hundred of brothers sikh was martyred by their faith. Seeing the anguish and their siblings’ sikhs abandonment, it felt identified to such an extent that he wanted to give up everything and to dedicate their life to the Gurus Sikhs. With their own hands he helped to the reconstruction of the Golden Temples, and he wash lovely their floors and it served in the Langar. He understood in this way that the spiritual road is a path of integral commitment (espiritual,social,económic and ethical) that a Transcendent Unit of the Religions exists and that we all belong to an Only Nation: The Planet Earth.
However it was not possible to extend their demurrage and of return to America of the South for twenty years, it collaborates lowly in the dialogue world interreligions.An experience lived monastic-ermitaña during one year in the mountains of Bucaramanga-Colombia that it allowed him to penetrate in the Mysteries of the Silence, the Sentence and the Meditation.It has been advisory ecumenical of the Vatican and of the World Council of Protestant Churches.He is member of United Religions Initiative and of the World Parliament of Religions.In Uruguay during 2001 inaugurated in the Palacio Legislative the First Latin American Encounter of religions, with the presence Cardinal’s Walter Kasper and the Great Rabbi from Paris among others. He is member founder of Transcultura Uruguay and of the Center of Studies Transdiciplinarios of the Religions in Uruguay. He is secretary of the Latin American Association of Psychology Junguiana.
This whole road took it from return to the True Home, to the simplicity of the daily life in the here and the now.Today it shares their life with their dear princess Sarabjeeet Kaur who is medical specialized in Fitoterapia, Etnomedicina and Ayur-Veda, serving to the poor communities domestic.
Bhai Ji, he has investigated in depth the diverse schools Sikh as much in India as in occident and it is determined to achieve the mutual knowledge of the same ones, overcoming interpretations, excesses and external forms toward One , Only, Unit of the Religion, such and like it was taught by Guru Nanak Ji Maharaj.
“The spiritual path is possible in today’s world, it only requires honesty, seriousness, perseverance, humility
and a lot, a lot of love, of the rest God takes charge”
Bhai Ji HBS
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